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Copier’s Features People Often Overlook

Copiers are more than just machines that copy documents. Copiers can do so much more! 5 Things You Didn’t Know Copiers Could Do is a blog post about 5 of the copier functions that not everybody knows about. 

Copiers can print on both sides of the page. 

This is called duplexing and allows you to get twice as many copies with just one job! Copies are typically made using heat transfer so your copier must have a fuser for this function.

Double-sided printing or double-feed detection means there will be fewer paper jams, speeds up your workflow, and reduces costs overall by allowing you to use fewer pieces of paper per copy/print job while still getting high-quality images every time.

Another feature often included in modern machines are wireless capabilities which allow users to access their documents from anywhere without having physical possession of the machine

Copying/Printing speed allows large volumes efficiently without slowing down.

These devices typically printed between fifty and one hundred pages per minute depending on their exact model

The document feeder can hold up to 30 sheets at once which makes them very efficient and convenient for users The most common price range is $300-$2000 per copier, depending on the model. Many companies offer financing options as well so that you don’t have to pay upfront.

Copiers are a great resource for small businesses because they allow you to print, copy and scan documents very quickly. They also can fax documents from your computer or smartphone which means that any time you need something sent just press sends!

Copier's Features People Often Overlook

Copiers don’t occupy large office spaces.

Copiers provide a cost-effective solution for offices of all shapes and sizes. A modern copier can be as small as an iPhone or large enough to fit documents into! 

This office equipment offers a space-saving solution for any business. They take up little floor area and can be easily moved around the workplace to different workstations as needed, which means that they don’t interfere with other office equipment or furniture like printers do because there isn’t anything jammed into tight corners where Copier machines go!

There are many options on how to own a copier.

Owning a copier is one of the most cost-effective ways to expand your company’s efficiency. Many companies offer financing options so you can pay for it over time or in instalments, without having an upfront expense that could hurt business growth!


Are you looking for a new copier?

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