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Type of Printers That Are Perfect For Printing Greeting Cards

There are a lot of inkjet printers available on the market, and your choices for a good greeting card printer are better than ever. However, for the serious newbie or professional photographer with print production in mind, the field of good printers can be a bit limited. From numerous user experiences, a number of key factors come together to make a reliable, high-quality greeting card printer. Most manufacturers have at least one printer that fits the bill. 

So what are the important features of a greeting card inkjet printer? The first thing is it will have a reliable paper feed. Greeting card papers need a printer with a well-designed and reliable paper feed. It should also have the appropriate feed, you do not want to wait around all day for a run of 100 cards. It should also have amazing details and colour, most greeting cards feature pictures or artwork that need true colour reproduction. The product quality should be good too, check how long the printer can run before you have to purchase another. You also need to keep the overall costs down to maximise profit and minimise overhead. 


This is one of the best greeting card printers. It has great colour reproduction, a robust paper transport mechanism and compatibility with all inkjet papers making these printers good for greeting card production. An excellent choice if you want to expand into larger print sizes. All greeting and note cards are compatible with the Canon PRO-100. This printer has a perfect speed, even at a top-quality level. It comes with 8 colour dye inks and outstanding colours. It is also compatible with almost every inkjet paper. The paper feed is also consistent in feeding all card stocks. 


This is the first inkjet printer specifically made to print borderless 7 x 10 greeting cards. It features photo inks that are four-dye based and one pigment black for document printing. It can also print 12 x 12 sheets without borders. As for the speed, you can expect amazing speed with design and picture prints. It comes in good colour quality and recommended that you use ICC profiles for the best possible output. It has a very reliable paper feed system with a maximum paper width of 12 inches. It supports different types of media from 4 x 6 inches to 12 x 12 inches. The connectivity supports Ethernet, wireless and USB 2.0. It comes in 4 colours, the four dye-based ink tanks plus pigment black for documents. 


Canon once again offers a small and rear-fed, desktop photo printer. The Canon TS series fits a number of needs: scanner, photo printer and greeting card printer, which a lot of users ask about. All of the TS printers have very good photo quality and consistent card stock feed. As the same with other printers, when you get to the heaviest papers or cards, expect to feed the papers in your printer one sheet at a time. Choose a TS if you want to print cards but are not planning on massive volumes. It has remarkable print speeds and very good photo quality. The ink economy also meets user expectations. It is good and consistent with its paper feed. It features ChromaLife 100+ ink system and it has a small platform, scanner and copier as bonus features. 

Print speed, paper feed and print quality are all top considerations when picking a printer for cards. Always choose printers with a top-loading paper tray. Do not go for a printer that only loads from a front paper cassette or tray. It won’t work for card stock. One of the most popular questions is how much will it cost you to print your cards. The great news is that ink, paper and envelope cost less than $1.00 for most papers. Printing inkjet greeting cards is a massive part of what makes inkjet printers very useful. 

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