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Is There Really a Difference Between Copiers and Printers?

Copiers and printers are both important office machines that can be a big help in the workplace. They have different features, but what is the difference between these two machines? In this blog post, we will explore the key features, advantages of having them, and answer any questions you may have about copiers versus printers.

What are the features and key features of copiers?

The main feature of a copier is its ability to make multiple copies. The majority of office copiers are capable of producing between 20 and 100 pages per minute, which means you can produce about 500 sheets in an hour! Copiers also have the option for two-sided copying as well as additional features like collating several copies together or stapling them afterward.

Copiers can quickly print and copy in color or black & white. They allow you to make multiple copies of a document, which is helpful when sharing with many people. Most copiers also have separate trays for different paper sizes so you do not need to change the size every time you switch between paper types.

What are the key features of printers?

Printers come with all different types of printing capabilities including black & white, color, double-sided, etc., just like their counterpart. However, they don’t copy documents because that would be considered “making multiple versions” contrary to copyright laws regarding digital information distribution. Printers do not usually offer any other advanced features either.

Printers produce high-quality prints that come out faster than traditional photocopies made from a printer/scanner combo machine such as a multifunctional printer (MFP). You will save space by having just one device rather than an all-in-one MFP that does everything including scanning, copying, faxing, etc. Printers also have higher capacity paper trays so you do not need to refill them as often.

What are their advantages?


The most important advantage is that you can copy documents for others to use. For instance, instead of photocopying books and distributing them among the students in your class, if they have access to a machine, it would be much more convenient than making multiple copies with ink cartridges or potentially damaging expensive textbooks.

Copiers are also great for large documents that cannot be sent through emails, such as manuals or instruction booklets. Copying these into smaller sections would take a long time and could potentially damage the original document so it is best to have access to a machine where each section can be copied onto its piece of paper with ease.


A printer allows people within an office space to share digital data through hardcopy output rather than printing everything themselves on their machines which use up resources like paper and ink over time. This type of system also limits access at any given moment since there may not always be one available when needed most due to other users taking turns printing on their own devices, creating a potentially frustrating situation.

In some cases, it may be beneficial to have both copiers and printers in the office environment especially if you deal with confidential or sensitive information at any given time since copy machines can often provide an extra layer of security through photocopying a document before printing a hardcopy version whereas scanning provides more options when moving files from one device to another.

Some people prefer to have a printer that does more than just copy or scan, but if all you want is something for basic copying needs then copiers might be sufficient enough while also being cheaper. Copiers can also produce double-sided copies whereas some printers are unable to accommodate this feature. Another advantage with purchasing a printer instead of an MFP machine is that it will give you better quality prints and faster speeds too which make sharing documents easier within your office environment!

Is there a difference between them?

When it comes down to choosing between buying either a photocopier or printer – both can be similarly priced in comparison but when deciding whether one device has more functionality than the other, this all depends on what you need from each product. What do they look like? Where would I place/use these devices in my office space? These are just some that may help determine whether you need a copier or printer.

The key differences come down purely to what each device can do – whether they’re able to print on both sides of paper, the size and scale of the document produced as well as how fast they go about completing the task.

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