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9 Copy Machine Features that Save Time and Money

Copy machines are critical devices that businesses use for reproducing documents. Since it is an important piece of equipment, we use it most of the time and is always in service. It is crucial to pick the best copy machine to buy. To ensure that we get the best, we must be aware of the nine features that we should look for when buying one. These are the nine copy machine features that save time and money.


Photocopiers these days are multifunctional. This multifunctional printer can scan, print, copy, and fax documents in a single machine. This saves both your time and your money. Using different machines or equipment in doing these tasks is time-consuming and is not efficient. Aside from that, buying different machines for these will only increase your business’ payables while not increasing productivity. This feature will save you time and money.

Automatic Document Feeder

It’s always a hassle when you need to change the page over and over again to have a single copy of a loaded document. However, photocopiers now have an automatic document feeder which makes it easier to do. As the name suggests, the machine changes the paper to be copied. 


Editing a document just to reach the right size can also take time from your work but with this feature, you don’t have to worry at all. Enlarging or reducing a document is a feature for most copiers that lets you enlarge or shrink documents for the desired outcome.

Printing on Small & Oversized Papers

Copying small documents always leaves a lot of space on the regular letter-sized paper that most photocopiers use. It is a waste of money. Some photocopiers support these types of papers and this will be a great help in reducing waste thus saving money.

Paper Drawer Capacity

Loading papers in a copier machine also takes a fair amount of time. On this note, you should choose photocopiers with a large paper drawer capacity to lessen the time spent reloading papers in the machine. Luckily, photocopier machines now provide a much larger capacity for this feature.

Collating and Binding

Arranging copied documents, collating, and then binding them sacrifices a lot of time and is an arduous task. Well, not anymore. Photocopiers now have features that include collating and binding them all together.

Back-to-back Copying

Normally, to copy a double-sided document, we copy one side first then flip the page and then copy it again which is very time-consuming. But, new models of photocopiers are now able to copy or print two-sided documents without having to flip the paper.

Optical Character Recognition

This feature saves you time in encoding texts from a scanned document since this already converts it to editable text. Optical character recognition is a great help for users who edit documents copied from a physical one.

Mobile Printing

Printing from your mobile phones is now supported by photocopiers. Transferring files from your phone to laptops or computers can be time-consuming. Mobile printing allows you to omit this process and print from your phone. This is a feature you should not miss.

How Much Can You Save from All These?

These nine features will help you save a considerable amount of time, workload, and money. Figures are uncertain but these are beneficial features that will increase the productivity and efficiency of the business. From multifunctionality to mobile printing, these features should be on your checklist in your quest to buy the best copier machine for your business. 

Considering all these time and money-saving features, buying a copy machine with all these is the best choice.

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