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Office Copier and Printer Security: Protect Your Data

Are you aware that office printers and copiers can put your network prone to cybersecurity attacks? Whether these devices are old or new, they are likely to have several security gaps cybercriminals are ready to exploit. Printers and copiers can be hacked, and data theft and other security issues might occur. It is vital to secure devices to ensure your data’s ultimate protection. 

How Printers and Copiers Pose Security Risks 

Some office workers may not know it, but the data stored on devices such as printers can be stolen, used, or sold to perform ransomware attacks. Printers usually pose security risks when internal hard drives of printer networks store preceding printer jobs in their queues. Those who access office printers can hack the OS of these printers and see the documents and data that may contain sensitive information. 

Modern copiers and large networked multifunction copiers and printers come equipped with hard drives storing images of documents and data they copy, fax, scan, and print. You can do these things to guarantee your office’s privacy and protect it from data security risks. 

What Can You Do to Protect Your Data? 

Your office equipment and network can never be secure all the time. Professional hackers are always ready to use advanced methods to steal essential data and invade office networks. These hackers will exploit your office network’s weaknesses. Use the following ways to ensure that your office equipment, data, and documents are safe and secure: 

  • Secure and Protect Your Office Data System 

Many offices secure their own networks; however, office copiers and printers are sometimes overlooked. This is one of the common reasons hackers take advantage of flaws and weaknesses, invade your network, and steal information and data. Start securing your office data system by securing your office equipment, including printers and copiers. 

  • Secure Location 

Your office copier and printer’s location should be taken into consideration. See to it that you put them in an area that doesn’t give access to illegal or unauthorized users. Hide copiers and printers behind the counter or place them in a room that only office staff can access. 

  • Authenticate Users 

Monitor how your office employees use copiers and printers. Proper monitoring can limit or stop inappropriate access or misuse of sensitive information. Perform regular audits to evaluate and verify the transactions and activities of users. 

  • Secure the Hard Drive

Documents are stored in hard drives whether copied, scanned, printed, or faxed. Protect the hard drive from illicit access either externally or using technology. If the copiers and printers leave your office for certain reasons, ensure that the hard drive is appropriately wiped-clean. 

  • Be Careful When Using Wireless 

All types of wireless printing offer excellent enhancements for wireless users inside the office—this helps speed up production and saves time. Nevertheless, you must ensure they’re completely secure. Unauthorized users can access your office network if the wireless printers aren’t protected. Malware infects printers from an infected mobile device. 

  • Protect Your Data 

It’s a standard but risky practice in offices when users leave copying and printing jobs in the copier trays for quite some time before picking them up. These can be accessed by anyone who also has access to the office’s copy room, which might result in sensitive data or information being shared with various unauthorized users. Push or pull printing can help secure alternatives wherein users authenticate themselves to recover printing jobs when they’re ready. 

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