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Why Does Your Small Business Need a Commercial Copy Machine?

Are you on the lookout for a brand-new digital copier? If yes, this post is for you!

While multifunction printers (MFP) have carried the reputation of being a convenient store for office paper needs, through the years, it has pretty much improved concerning features, value for money, and quality.

Small Business & Copiers 

Office paperwork should be transferred from one in charge to another, but if you have a great copier, it will perform more than just running the needed materials. A multifunction copier can print from a computer, send faxes, copy paper, and scan them- all while saving the documents at the same time. 

  1. Make copies 

Copying documents are the biggest function of copiers; running hundreds at a time straight into its document basket. 

  1. Scan for Storage

You can make digital copies of your documents for later use through scanning. In small offices, anyone can see the digital copies immediately for easy use.

  1. Send Faxes

Faxing can be done directly through the machine. You can even centralize the document needs so your old fax machine can be put to rest already.

  1. Print Documents

The machine’s wireless connection feature can offer easy printing directly from the computer. Your access to the computer will make office production levels notches higher. 

Is Leasing Copiers For Small Businesses Worth It?

You can keep up with competitors if you lease high-quality copiers. If you lease, your small business will almost instantly be equipped with sophisticated technology that won’t cause you a fortune. 

You are assured that your office’s superstar is up-to-date. Printers and copiers will, at some point, become obsolete. With leasing, you get over the burden of having equipment that’s way beyond the latest in technology. The leasing technology will take care of that for you. 

Leasing requires zero down payment. Numerous small businesses require constantly available cash to make sure the business is growing. Most leases, if not all, need no down payment; so getting new equipment is possible without zeroing your funds. 

What’s the Best Copier Brand for Small Businesses?

Brother MFC-J6947DW

Best features: 

  • 3 Paper trays 
  • Scan & A3 Duplex Printing 

An inkjet machine, the Brother MFC-J6947DW is perfect for busy offices that are often serviced by laser printers. Its print speed is impressive; in fact, it can photo print at an extremely high resolution. 

Canon i-Sensys MF735Cx

Best features:

  • Excellent photocopier 
  • Fast print speed 
  • Fast AOI laser feature 

Canon made this specifically for small-sized businesses, proven by its load of features perfect for the tasks at hand. It can accommodate 250 paper sheets in its tray and 50 sheets more in its multipurpose basket. The dual-side scanning with duplex printing will make it easy to scan and print through a cloud service. 

Lexmark MB2236adw

Best features:

  • Crisp colours 
  • Strong security features 

Looking heavy-duty, this A4 copier machine offers several wonderful features. For instance, the duplex scanning and automatic rapid copying are flawless, while the printing quality is excellent. Though not the fastest printer, its security features make up for its shortfall. 

Should Small Businesses Get Copiers?

Connecting people in the office to one reliable copier will surely boost productivity. Copiers can print hundreds to thousands of copies in minutes, or store documents for later use. 

The most modern models can even help anyone manage office systems. It can provide an avenue for streamlining processes, taking away the need to purchase many other devices. Printers and fax machines are unnecessary when there’s a powerful copy machine in place. 

The most popular reason why copier leasing is becoming popular is the fact that copier technology updates so fast, adding one feature to another. Its capabilities make it pricey, so leasing is a good point. 

It can be confusing to decide if your small business needs a copier or not, so dig deep into your cons and pros. And prepare questions to ask the dealers to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

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