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Top 5 Copier for Photographers

Whether you are printing off pictures to save in your scrapbook, or you just want to have some glossy copies of your best pictures handy, a great photo printer can make a massive difference when you are saving those important images. 

Best photo printers

While most printers can print images, a dedicated photo printer can accurately and vividly reproduce colors while still retaining the detail from your original image.

Inkjet printers also tend to be better suited for printing photos, and some inkjets even have special photo cartridges to give you an even better color reproduction.

Canon PIXMA TR8520

One of the best printers for photos is the Canon PIXMA TR8520. This is an all-in-one printer that is compact, making it suitable for homes or dorm rooms with limited space. 

It has a great build quality with easy access to ink cartridges and paper jams. It also has some great add-ons like an amazing display screen and high-quality scanning features. 

Brother MFC-J995DW

The best multipurpose printer for photos on the market right now is the Brother MFC-J995DW. This all-in-one model is an amazing choice for printing casual photos and is versatile enough for other types of uses. It has a sturdy design with easy access to the ink cartridges from the front. 

Also, it has a flatbed scanner, which is incredibly useful for scanning old photos. You can connect to it over Wi-Fi or print directly from a USB key or even SD card.

HP DeskJet 3755

The best small photo printer on the market right now is the HP DeskJet 3755. This all-in-one inkjet printer is very small and compact, making it a perfect choice for smaller desks or dorm rooms with limited space. 

It is reasonably well-built, with easy access to ink cartridges and paper jams from the front-facing cover, and it comes in three color variations.

It has impressive color accuracy and prints good quality photos. It produces images with good detail, though darker areas tend to come out with a slightly green tone, and there’s a little bit of banding in the grayscale. 

Its rear input tray supports different paper sizes, including 4″ x 6″ and 5″ x 7″ photos. Users can easily connect to it wirelessly through Wi-Fi or print directly from your computer using a USB wire.

Canon PIXMA TR4520

The Canon PIXMA TR4520 is the best printer for photos in the budget category that we’ve tested. It is an all-in-one inkjet model that prints great quality photos, with only a small amount of banding in gray areas. 

Color accuracy is decent enough for printing family photos or arts and crafts. The input tray has a slider to accommodate different paper sizes, including 4″ x 6″ and 5″ x 7″ photos.

Epson SureColor P900

Epson says that the P900 is 30 percent leaner than its predecessor, and indeed, when folded up and out of service, the P900 is notably smaller than the P800. 

Set up with trays extended and ready to print, the P900 measures 20.5 by 24.2 by 35.6 inches and weighs a stout 35.3 pounds. That is 14 pounds lighter than the P800, but you should still make a careful decision about where to put it, because you won’t want to move it.

The anatomy of the P900, the technology that lets it print such exquisite images and artwork, is much just like that of the P700. The printer’s interfaces are USB 3.0, 100BaseT Ethernet, 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print. There is no SD card or USB thumb drive support.

Aside from the apps for Windows and macOS, Epson has an iOS app that can do professional-level color management, including automatic selection of color profiles, monochrome fine-tuning mode, and support for all of Epson’s premium papers.


Photo printers are not just for professional photographers, but it is also perfect for those who are taking pictures as a hobby. If you are in Bakersfield and you’re looking for a Copier for your business, you may contact Clear Choice Technical Services in Bakersfield. You can ask about Copier Leasing Services in Bakersfield, Copier rental services in Bakersfield.